Friday, December 27, 2013

The Not So Memorable but Defintely Not Unforgetable Christmas Trip

We were all loaded and driving by 1 pm Christmas day to Grannie's house.
Alex and Tyler received a camera for the two of them to record all their memories this summer so Tyler did a great job documenting our trip.
Uncle Brenty and Kelly
Grannie's putting together her present from us -- Three Peas in a Pod in Nauvoo
The next morning most all the families headed to Mount Spokane for a skiing adventure.  Aunti Annie was super awesome and borrowed gear for almost all the family.  Everyone had a great day despite the frigid temperatures.  Chloe and I stayed back and played with some of the other cousins at the Children's museum.
Tyler feeling his awesomeness!
I understand Coop was a speed demon by the end of the day -- no fear just plowing straight down the mountain.
Nate and cousin Addi on the lift -- Nate is a good little skier.
This was only Alysee's second time skiing but she skied like a pro.
Hard to beat spending the day with favorite cousins on the mountain!

Alex made this sweet video of the fun day skiing; click here
This picture summarizes the rest of the trip for most of us -- barfing and hanging out on the toilet.  Chloe had had the bug earlier in the week but when she seemed fine we decided to head to Spokane.  By Thursday night I was feeling miserable and it didn't take long for several others to join in on the barfing fun.  It put a major damper on the funness!
On the drive home Birch started feeling nasty so I took over driving (a big deal at our house).  About half way home I ran over something and thought little of it until twenty minutes from town the car started having a scary temper tantrum ON THE HIGHWAY with ME BEHIND THE WHEEL.  Thankfully the angels were watching over us and I pulled over safely to find we had a major flat tire. 
Birch was real thrilled to unload a bunch of the luggage from the car to get to the tools and spare tire and then lay his sickly body on the cold pavement.  Alex did a good job assisting while the rest of us stayed warm in the car.
Tyler's face summarizes the rest of Christmas break for our family.  Barfing...feeling better...and then someone else moaning next to the toilet.  It was real fun!

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