Friday, January 24, 2014

Two Princesses and Their Shining Knight

The girls have been counting down the days to the annual Father/Daughter Ball at the high school.  Not only is this an excellent fundraiser for the DECA high school club but it is such a wonderful event promoting family ties.

This year I decided to take the girls on a little shopping trip to pick out a special gown for the ball.  Oh boy, we tried on TONS of dresses and I got a little glimpse of what it will be like in a few years when Alysee is shopping for her prom dress. 

Chloe fell in love with his dress purely because it had a matching dress for her doll.  She tried on many other dresses that were beautiful but in the end she chose this dress.  At first I was trying to sway her opinion a bit but then I thought back to how much I would have loved a matching dress with my favorite doll when I was younger.  You're only a little girl once and it was pretty wonderful to see her in heaven!
 We went earlier in the day to get her hair cut again as it had been since October since her last (and first big cut).  Chloe has some pretty amazing eyes!
 Oh my, Alysee was on cloud nine!  She tried on at least thirty dresses but knew even before putting on this dress that it was made for her (and it turns out three other girls that were at the dance).  It was a little more than I was planning on spending but with Alysee's weekly babysitting job she had no problem paying the difference.
 Aunti Emi helped with her hair.  She felt like a million bucks!!!  Just the way a girl ought a feel!

 Sweet sisters!
 Daddy was a little tired as he had been at a church overnight-er with a bunch of crazy girls that stayed up all night.  After a little nap he put on the outfit Alysee picked out for him.
Lucky for us, the Andersens ended up coming into town last minute and were able to join in on the evening of fun.
 I made all the girls (and Daddies) corsages and gave them all manicures.
 What lucky girls I have to be so loved by their Shining Knight!
The carriages first stop was to New York Teriyaki for dinner.
Everyone danced their hearts out, played some fun little carnival games, and dined on ice cream.  So glad it was such a special night for the girls and Birch!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bring it on 2014!!!

Bowling is such a great family activity!  It's great for all ages and ever since we found the ghetto bowling alley it isn't too expensive either.
Now that's a lot of footsies!!!
It's all our goal to beat Daddy someday...didn't happen this time, though.

Look at the form of that girl!
Alex has been going bowling with his scout troop and has picked up some great techniques.  It's so weird to watch a lefty do things.
Chloe had more fun trying to find all the rotten candy out of the broken down vending machines.

The rest of the night was real memorable as we ate dinner, watched a family movie, and then we were all in bed by 9:30 pm.  A real party!