Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cub Scout Nate and the Space Derby

We haven't had a pack meeting for a few months so Nate really reeled it in this month!  Nate received his Bear award along with several arrow points and belt loops.
Nate pinning on my mother's pin for being Nate's right hand "man" in helping with his Bear advancement.  I am the primary second counselor and over the cub scouting...thus the cool official scout shirt.
Not the crispiest picture but I love it anyway because Nate is giving his momma a squeeze.
After the award ceremony it was time to kick-off our Space Derby.  For years we have held a pinewood derby so this year really threw us all for a loop with the decision to try a new derby.  The main reasons for the space derby was to get away from the competitiveness of the pinewood derby, having the boys do more of the work on their own (almost all of the carving, building, painting was done in den meetings -- means less dad's taking over), and just taking something new.
Nate did a great job carving and painting his rocket.
Ready for take-off!

I volunteered to make the boys' prizes -- after many donations of toilet paper rolls I created these candy filled rockets.  The boys were pretty excited with their prize.
I decided to make a big rocket out of a paper towel roll for all the little siblings that wished they were cub scouts and would have loved to have made a rocket.  I did it kind of like a pinata with breaking the end of the rocket and then shaking all the candy out on the ground for the kids to chase after.
Quite the astronaut!!!

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MaryJane said...

You are so creative! I love your candy rockets!