Friday, February 21, 2014

Ditto Olympics in Sochi

My boys have ALWAYS been passionate about the Olympics.  The favorite event has always been the bobsled though this year speed skating would be the runner-up.
 Coop has been begging me to get some McDonald's chicken nuggets so he and Nate could reenact the biting on the metal and the nugget.
 Coop is just an incredible artist!  All his school pictures the past two weeks have had something to do with the Olympics.
 3-man bobsled by Coopy
 The sun peaked out long enough to get a mean game of "ice" hockey in the front driveway.
 We ran out of hockey sticks so the goalie had to resort to the racket ball racket.
 Check out my Lovers calves!!!
Cool panorama shot of the hockey game.


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