Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Update On The Ol' Ear Experiemental Surgery

So...we've all been anxious to know if Alex's $17,000+ surgery was worth its' weight in pennies.  We don't have a definite answer yet but after a couple of follow-up visits with Dr. Black we have found that the stent is starting to fall apart. 
 We could tell we were in a bit of trouble when we saw this "sea creature" aka. the stent start to come out of his ear.  We went back to see Dr. Black and he ended up cleaning up the area.  Some pieces of the stent started coming out showing that the stent is falling apart a bit.

Dr. Black suspects that the stent has lost about 80% of its' spring.  Being as this stent was totally experimental and as far as we know this is the first time it has been used in this capacity we are all in unknown territory.    The good news is that the skin graft is taking and looks healthy.  The ear drum also looks healthy -- a tint of a red hue but that is probably due to the surgery trauma but also might be showing the early signs of infection.  Alex is treating this with some ear drops.

We'll go back in a few weeks for another exam and also to do a hearing test.  Alex does feel that his hearing has improved out of this man made incredible body part.

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