Thursday, February 13, 2014

Winter Wonderland

The kids have been waiting and waiting for a good snow fall this year.  Oddly, the most snow we have had has been about a half an inch.  This past Saturday night it started to snow and by Sunday morning we had over a foot of snow.  Several of the kids were outside sledding at 6 am -- I'm sure our neighbors love us!

Due to safety issues and the time needed to clear roads and driveways church was cancelled for the day.  I love going to church but I have to be honest and say how magical it was spending the day at home with my family.

Tyler, Alex, and Birch hit the snow shovels by 7 am and by 8 am they were headed to the church building to meet a group to shovel.  They didn't come home until just before noon as they ended up going around and helping many other families clear their driveways. 

The afternoon was spent sledding, baking, having a family church service, and watching "17 Miracles."

 Tyler catching some air.
 Snow Angels - Chloe and Alysee
 Alysee and Chloe

 Alex spend some time building a jump with Tyler.
While the kids and Birch were outside I finally made a recipe I'd been saving for a few weeks - Braided Nutella Snowflake.  It was DELICIOUS!!!
 We had a great family church with each of us sharing a favorite scripture and then ending with talking about the story of David and Goliath.  The kids all got a turn to use the marshmallow shooters I recently made to "kill" Goliath (aka Daddy).
After Nate successfully hit Birch with a rock hard marshmallow Birch decided he better add some protection (goggles, scarf, and loin protection).
Alysee taking a turn being David.

The snow is all melting and we are in a large mud puddle now.  Personally, I'm looking forward to some sunny warm weather up ahead.  My favorite part of Sunday was just being together!!!  Simple Pleasures!

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