Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Nicaragua - Day 2

Ahhh...waking up to this sweet site was wonderful!

How about a little tour of Casa Ola?

Our view of Casa Ola from our private beach.
Our bungalows can best be described as a replica of Swiss Family Robinson.  Every structure was uniquely built.
Door to bathroom
Another bathroom on a different level.
To the left you can see Brent and Deena's private bungalow; the middle was a common area with a WiFi router (we can various people "pop" by to use the internet access); to the right is another kitchen plus bedroom and group living area where we played games in the evenings; the upper level is a beautiful yoga studio and bathroom that we never used.
Hammocks everywhere!
Yoga Studio and Bathroom
Door to shower
Panorama picture of bathroom -- it was the coolest feeling of having enough privacy but also feeling like you were outside taking a shower.  Yes, we had hot water.
Annie and Kelly's bungalow
Outdoor grill area and steps leading down to our dungeon bungalow
Our room -- we never put any of our stuff away in the built-in shelving as I was a little nervous about the creepy crawlies plus we had several extra beds to spread our stuff out on.  We only needed a little sheet at night as the weather was in the 80's a night.
Every morning and every night I loved lounging and reading away.  I read three books while traveling.  My favorite was "Wonder" by R. J. Palacio.  It was so good and I would recommend that everyone read it!
I did my daily duty of updating facebook so the kids could see what we were up to.

There were huge Plumeria trees all around Casa Ola but very few leaves and flowers.  In Nicaragua the plumeria is called Sancuanjoche and is the national flower.  We were in Nicaragua at the end of their dry season thus the sparse flowers.
Common area off of main kitchen

Private beach
There were hermit crabs everywhere!
Monday morning brought surf lessons for the boys.  Gonzolo, our hired hostess for the week was there to keep us happy.  He helped Donald cook, traveled with us sometimes, and was our resident surf instructor for $5.00/student.
Birch and Logan
Birch has wanted to try surfing for a long time so this was a real treat.

Tiring, fun, and exhilarating!
These small wavers were perfect for beginners.

Grannie didn't venture too far out in the water but took several opportunities to cool her feet.

I can't tell you how awesome it is to hang out on the beach all morning and then hear someone whistle for you to come up for lunch.  Donald made us some delicious fish tacos and potatoes for lunch.  He always made freshly squeezed juice for every meal.
After lunch I decided that maybe it was time to test the water out a bit. 
It was a bit chilly at first :)
Logan instructed me on how to ride the surf board on my tummy.  Fun and scary!
I do this everyday...
Now do we look like tourists?

At the end of our private beach there was a film crew filming the Mexican version of "Survivor."  If we got too close to the set big burly men with big guns would come out of the trees and holler at us in Spanish and point for us to head back to our side of the beach.

There was a little bungalow up on the cliff that Birch and I hiked up to one night.  The sunset was beautiful!

Another perfect ending to a perfect day in paradise.

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