Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Nicaragua - Day 3

After a delicious breakfast we all headed to the cars to head out for a day of adventure and found this waiting for us....
a flat tire...this is not really surprising as the roads were CRAZY bumpy.  It didn't take too long for the boys to put on the spare tire and head into San Juan del Sur.
After getting a bit lost we found Da' Flying Frog Adventures and readied ourselves for rappelling and ziplining.
We all choose to do the Extreme Adventure package because we're all just so crazy.  After we were all geared up we climbed in the back of this beater truck and started driving up and up and up.
Ready to rappel down a 147 foot waterfall (all dried up since we were there during the dry season).
I have to say that this is the first time I have ever complained at feeling too safe.  There were so many back-up safety measures that you had to practically pull yourself down the waterfall and it took a lot of energy.  It was still fun but not as exhilarating as rappelling usually is.
We all made it down safely...even pregnant Annie made it down with only a few sweat beads. (Grannie sat out on this adventure.)
Next up was zip-lining!!!  We had a short hike up to our first canopy.  The terrain in this part of Nicaragua was very dry at this time of the year but still beautiful.

I seem to always have a problem slowly down at the end...thus the "Oh no, I'm going to run into you!!!" face.
A little bit scary when we were all standing on one platform.
After our morning adventures we were all ready for something to drink and eat.  We headed into San Juan del Sur for lunch and wandering around town.

Tacos for lunch!

These colorful buses are everywhere.  They are called "Chicken Buses" and are always overflowing with people and animals.  There seem to be very few rules in Nicaragua and you see people hanging off of any vehicle, horse, bike, and motorcycles (very few with helmets).

We met this cute little family while wandering the streets and the kids were so excited to show us their skateboarding tricks.
A common site to see someone on a bike hauling something very large.
Ahhh...the gelato was AMAZING!!!  Birch's favorite flavor was the maracuy√° (passion fruit).  Apparently it took him right back to his mission years in Portugal.  My kids would have been dying over the Nutella gelato.

Beautiful Grannie!
The kids go to school for half of the day and then swap with another age group in the afternoon to make better use of the limited school facilities.  All the kids looked so clean in their uniforms.
This was another site we saw often...the man in the front with a helmet on but the woman and one or two kids squeezed between had no helmets.

Lots of variations of transportation.

Lots more monkeys on the way back to Casa Ola.

This guy wasn't a fan of getting his picture taken...oops.

What would it be like all sleep together in an outdoor hammock room?

Blayre, the beautiful.
Birch got some really awesome pictures of the waves, though I have to say I was a bit nervous about our camera getting so close to the water.  Sweet pictures, eh?!!

Another magnificent sunset!

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