Friday, March 7, 2014

Nicaragua - Day 5

I knew it was going to be a good morning when I woke up and saw my favorite flower on my doorstep.
After a delicious breakfast of homemade banana pancakes with Nutella on top we loaded up in the cars and headed toward Granada.  We made a quick photo stop in San Juan del Sur so we could take a picture by this cool sign.

Our next stop was about an hour and half away at the visitors center for the volcano Masaya.  We saw this huge Iguana outside the admission gates.
On top of the volcano looking down into Masaya.  All the steam was from the volcano.

Birch looking out over Lake Nicaragua.
Gonzolo suggested that we stop at this outdoor restaurant for lunch.  They must have butchered the cows and chickens after we made our order because it seriously took over an hour to get our food.  This was a little frustrating as we had shopping and site seeing we wanted to do before it got dark. 
It was buy one get one free drink day so Debbie and I each treated ourselves to a tasty drink.  I had maracuy√° (passion fruit) and Debbie had a pina colada.
We had several opportunities to be serenaded with these talented guys while we were waiting for our food.


On our way into Granada we spotted this site -- it is for a funeral procession.
We stopped in the village of Masaya for some speed shopping.  I don't do well shopping on steroids so it was hard but productive.  There were all these little kids that wanted to weave cool little flowers to sell to you.  After being guilt-ed into buying a flower we later learned that the kids often use the money to buy drugs.  It does explain the glazed look on this boys' eyes.

The town of Granada was beautiful!  The colonial-era architecture and the freshwater Lake Nicaragua make this little town so pleasant to spend the afternoon.
There were several little stands set up selling trinkets and jewelry.  This little girl was taking a nap at the base of her momma's stand.

Going to "confession" with Bishop.
Everywhere the ladies are hauling all sorts of things on their heads.

This man made me some beautiful earrings and bracelet right before my eyes.  So talented!

Somehow the graffiti in Nicaragua seemed more artistic than the stuff around my house.

My Lover and me at Lake Nicaragua.

I loved all the unique architecture in the town.  Everything is so colorful in Nica.

By the time we left Granada it was late and we decided to hit up the Maxi Pali, the local Walmart store, to buy whatever we wanted to dinner.  Birch and I were super thirsty so our dinner included several cans of juice, chocolate milk, and fresh fruit.  It was a long a wonderful day!

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