Saturday, March 8, 2014

Nicaragua - Day 6

For everybody but Birch and myself this was their last full day in Nica.  We spent it doing whatever we wanted...which meant spending the day on the beach.
Lots of beach volleyball throughout the day!

So hot!

It was really surprising to all of us that the water seemed actually warmer.  Apparently the winds had changed and the water truly was hotter.  It was a perfect temperature for me!

We all really came to love Donald not only for his mad cooking skills but also because he is such a kind person and has triumphed over some really hard trials in his life.  Birch asked Donald one day where he got his cool surfing shirt and Donald explained that it was his shirt from a surf team he belongs to in Nicaragua.

Donald later gave Birch the shirt.  So thoughtful!!

This is a site that NEVER happens at home.  Birch is on the go from 5 am until 11 pm every night in our "real" life.  He is constantly serving our family and our church members and rarely gets a moment to himself.  What a treat to truly relax!  Birch has a talent at being able to turn off his brain when it doesn't need to be on...someday I'll learn.
Surfin' Grannie
Seriously the beach is so romantic to me!
With the change in water temperature the fish were all ready to be caught.  Donald and Gonzolo went out and caught a whole slew of big Jack fish.  Birch helped haul them up the to kitchen and then they took them to town to sell.
By this time in the week most of us were quite sunburned and I had to resort to wearing a long sleeve shirt.  My shoulders were bubbling with blisters.

I can't seem to get enough sunset silhouette shots.

We left off a couple of lanterns in memory of Grandpa Ken who would have LOVED spending the week with his adult children in Nica.

Love you Grandpa!

Wish you could have been apart of our Nica trip?  Check out this video that Kelly made:

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