Thursday, March 6, 2014

Nicarauga - Day 4

Day three in Nica had really worn us all out so we decided we needed a day of rest.
For $25 we hired Gonzolo to take us to another beach, Playa Hermosa by boat.  Due to the small size of the boat part of the crew drove one of the cars.  Logan and Kelly for gone for a day trip scuba diving.

Our muscle men hauling the boat from the beach to the water.

We decided it would be fun to do some trolling for fishes along the way.
Playa Hermosa was a nice little beach that you could actually rent a room, dine at the outdoor restaurant, ride a horse on the beach, or enjoy a spa day.
Birch and Uncle Ryan spent the morning surfing. 
The waves seemed a little rougher and really wore out our Daddy!
Lots of lounging and reading.

  Grannie and I decided it was time to splurge and get a massage.  A one hour massage was $15.00.
The massage was nice...a little on the gentle side.  It was a different experience not being able to communicate with the masseuse.  We had a few awkward and memorable moments.
Feeling rejuvenate!  These fried plantains were rather yummy!
Love these ladies!

On the way back to Casa Ola we decided to make it an all girls fishing boat trip.  I caught a little fishy that apparently was garbage and Gonzo instructed me to throw it back in the ocean. 
Julia really got a work out as her fishing line was snatched up by a BIG fish!
Holy Cow!  Check out that Jack Fish (in the family of a black tuna).
It was heavy!
Donald cleaned that fish up for our appetizer that night.
We were all so giddy and proud of Julia.

May not look too tasty but it was actually pretty good.  Donald seasoned the fish with onion salt and freshly squeezed lime.

After stuffing ourselves at dinner we laid around visiting and playing games.