Sunday, March 30, 2014

Nine Children...

We have benefited so many times over the years from others watching out kids so Birch and I could go on a trip.  We finally had the chance to pay-it-forward and watch Emi and Ryan's kids while they went to San Diego for a week.
These two have had so much going on in their lives over the past few months:  buying a house, a dental practice, moving, and finding out baby four would be joining them this fall.  We've loved having them back in town again!
 These three little girls are so sweet and get along fantastically with our kids!  Even better they think Birch and I are da' bomb!
Chloe's first time feeding a baby. The things the last child just doesn't learn. Hazel didn't seem to mind the yogurt bath.

 I had lots of time with these two girls in the morning while the other kids were at school.

 By the end of the week Hazel grew to love us all!  The kids were all so helpful in playing with Hazel.  Alysee loved being in charge of putting her to bed.
 Mila and I are two peas-in-a-pod!

We certainly had some crazy moments with having nine kids in the house but we survived.  Birch and I are still feeling good about keeping our family to six :)

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