Friday, April 25, 2014

Because of Him...Easter 2014

I will forever be grateful for a friend that asked Alex five years ago what our family traditions were for Easter.  His response, "Um...I think we have an Easter egg hunt."  She then proceeded to take pity on our family and invited us to our first passover meal. 

Since that time we have made the week prior to Easter a really beautiful daily reminder of Christ's life and his attributes.  We kicked off Palm Sunday with a tasty meal with our fake palm leaves on the table and then off to a wonderful youth concert celebrating Christ's life.  The following days we made sure to do something special even if it was only for a few minutes after dinner.  We "Egged" a few people's houses, made resurrection cookies, watched a neat video about Christ, gave service, and wrote daily on our L.O.A. (love one another) windows.

Sunday morning I was sure to blast the "Halleluiah" chorus to wake up the last few sleepy heads.  Birch gave a really nice lesson on the symbols of Easter to all the primary children at church.   We all came home from church at the same time (a real treat since Birch was called to be Bishop).
Easter Morning 2014

Sunday afternoon lunch -- our Jerusalem meal with the Andersens
We've kind of nicknamed this meal "The Nasty Meal" but I'm thinking we are going to need to amend that title as it was actually really yummy this year.  We dined on:  marinaded grilled lamb, tilapia, olives, parsley, Mediterranean couscous, dried apricots, pistachios, dates, figs, jicama, jerky, naan bread, resurrection cookies, green salad with sweet vinegar dressing, grapes, white grape juice, honey, pomegranate infused cranberries, and goat cheese.
The kids love it that we are all required to dress up for our Easter meal.  Some day they will thank me, right??

We had a fun little family Easter Egg Hunt with the Andersen ladies after lunch.  Hazel was in sugar heaven!!  She pretty much loves me!

Each child was allowed to find nineteen eggs.  Poor Mila ended up with THREE!  The older kids had the technique of hoarding as many eggs as they could and then at the end they counted to keep just nineteen of them.  
In the end, Mila ended up having her own private hunt with all the extra eggs the bigger kids had taken.
Birch and I were dying over Hazel's saggy diaper bum.
We sure love having the Andersen's back in town!!
A glimpse at our L.O.A. (love one another) windows.

Another beautiful Easter down!

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emily a. said...

Hazel will love that picture of her bum cheek in years to come. Loved being apart of your Easter and the not so Nasty meal ALTHOUGH I still am missing my ham and potatoes.