Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Chloe Takes Off On Two-Wheels

Chloe started asking a few weeks ago if she could paint her bike a girl color.  Her little red bike has gone through all six kids but she decided that she really needed a girl bike.  We told her that after she learned how to ride her bike without training wheels we could take down the bigger girl bike off the garage ceiling and she could use it.  Five minutes later she had convinced Tyler to get the wrench and take off her training wheels. 
 Tyler was so patient with Chloe and spend an afternoon running up and down our driveway.
 Chloe made a lot of progress but still wasn't ready to take off.  A couple of days later she had Alex outside helping her build her confidence.
 After pouting a few times she was ready to have Daddy work his magic. 

 And she's off...
On Saturday I looked out the window and Chloe had gotten on the bike herself (big deal) and ridden out to the mailbox to get the mail. She put the mail in her little basket and road back to the house all on her own.  Several times a piece of mail would fall out of her basket and she would hop off and load her basket up again.  I know it is silly but I got a few tears in my eyes to see her be so independent and keep at it until she got it down.

Crazy to think all of our kids ride two-wheelers now!


Jenna Ditto said...

So cute! :) Your baby is growing up!

Annie & Tom said...

Way to go Chloe - wow, what fun! Can we go on a bike ride together when we visit?

Ami and Poppy