Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Break 2014

We kicked off Spring Break with a house full of kids for a pizza, movie, and popcorn night.

 Monday morning we all headed to the Tri-cities for Alex to have his second appointment getting his ear hairs lazered.  This is all part of the various skin transplants that Alex has had over the years on his ear.  We are now battling the hair growth that comes with puberty and hoping that these laser appointments work.  We go every eight weeks for eight appointments.  Cross our fingers!!!
 Next stop was Get Air, a trampoline park in Kennewick.  We all had a great time.  My pictures are terrible from my phone but you get the was fun!

 Next stop was a quick and delicious dinner at Costa Vida.
Our final stop for the night was to the movie theatre to watch "The Lego Movie."  Nate and Cooper had been wanting to watch this SO bad for so long.  While Birch and I were struggling to make it through the movie (especially the beginning part) Coop declared that "this was the best day of his life!!!"
 The next few days Coop, Nate, and Tyler spent the mornings at Track Camp.  
 Alysee babysat four days during Spring Break.  She is turning into an awesome babysitter.  Chloe still loves caring for Hazel when she comes over.  Alex was busy doing yard work and a couple of babysitting jobs too.
 Nate did terriffic on his 400 meter run.
 I call this awesome!!  Nate is a shorty but check out that height of that hurdle!
 Tyler loves the hurdles too!  He really wanted to do track this spring for the Junior High but Birch and I vetoed that as we needed him at home and to support the other three that are doing a sport.
 Coop loved competing in the long jump.
 Tyler tried out the 100 yard dash and decided he is more cut out for long distance running.

 Some families are super cool and go to Disneyland or Hawaii for Spring Break. Not us...we go the the farm store to see the baby chicks. Keeping the kids expectations low is the key to happiness.

Overall it was a nice Spring Break.  I was ready to have the house stay clean for more than three minutes so Momma was happy when Monday rolled around again.

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