Saturday, May 31, 2014

Gap2Gap 2014...Bringing Down the House!

This year was an epic Gap2Gap race!!!  Why was it so incredible??  Because we packed it full of Dittos, Sherrys, and Andersens. I literally had to make a spreadsheet so I could keep track of everyone.

Tyler cruised on his 6 mile bike ride.

This was the first year that the Steeple Chase was added to the race (replacing the roller blade section).  Alysee did an awesome job!

Nate and Coop, the handsome Jamaican Jammers.

Cole, Steeple Chase
Way to go Alysee, team "Sweet As Candy"

This year was unique because they sprayed color on the runners.  Nate looked the part with his tie-dyed shirt.

Mila can't wait until she gets to join in on the fun.
Go Nate!

Coop getting ready to take off for the bike portion with his awesome birthday motorcross helmet and dreads.

Cousin Claire

Cousin Tommy raced in the IronMan category! 

Tommy finished strong!

Team Sweet Sassy Frass

It was so awesome having extra adults to help out this year.  How fun to share this event with so much family!

Team Jamaican Jammers

Team eLemonators
Team Noodle Heads
The rest of the eLemonators


Look who won 4th Place!
You gotta admit...this kid looked amazing!
Team eLemonators finished 2nd!

What an exhausting and wonderful day!!  Next stop family lunch and then Cooper's baptism!