Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Quick Getaway

Birch and I were lucky to get-a-way for a quick weekend trip to Portland, Oregon.
Our first stop was to see Mark Cox's headstone in Dallas, Oregon.

It was nice for Birch and I to reflect on our dear friend's life.
Next stop was the Portland Temple. 
The next morning Birch went to go visit a ward member that is currently living out-of-state.  I got to spend the morning shopping with my mom and dad.  We all met up at the Portland Temple to participate in an endowment session. 
Birch and I were married here so it has extra significance!
Love my mom and dad!  What wonderful examples they have been my whole life of service.
Although it was a quick weekend away if filled me up and reminded me how much I love My Man.

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