Friday, June 20, 2014

Hikin' Up A Storm...Zion's National Park

The next several days were spend hiking and hiking some more.  Brooke's parents spoiled us with sharing their cabin in Cedar City and even making several meals for us to have (which was awesome because we were so worn out each night from our hiking we didn't have much energy left for cooking).
We got up early in the morning so we could drive into Zions and catch the bus to our first trail head.  Our first hike of the day was Observation Lookout.

Replicating Lion King

On top of Observation Lookout

Brooke and half of her clan (Colin woke up feeling sick, Eli stayed and played with cousins for the day and Mark, well he's an angel now and probably was with us.  I can't think of anywhere he would rather be!)

Our next hike was to the first two pools of the Emerald Pools.

Chloe couldn't get enough of the tad poles.

Our last hike for the day was the beginning section of the Narrows.  By this time our legs were exhausted and the temperature started to drop.

Nate was fearless.
Oh Ye of Little Faith!
The girls stayed back with Brooke to play on the opening of the Narrows so it was just Birch and all the men folk.
Best Buds
Okay, it is now starting to feel cold AND my knee that I had injured exercising was starting to give up.

Poor Coopy started to seriously get cold.  I was actually getting a little worried about him because his teeth would not stop chattering.  Birch gave him is coat and he toughed out the return hike.
I don't think Alysee and Abbey missed us one bit.

The hike back to the shuttle bus was tiring.  Our shoes were caked in mud and our legs were beat. 
We finished off the day with eating wood fired pizza (like six pizzas) at the Flying Monkey in Springdale, UT!!!!

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