Sunday, June 1, 2014

It's Great To Be Eight...Coop in the house!!!

Cooper has been so excited about turning eight year's old!
He requested homemade chicken tenders, rolls, and fruit salad for dinner.
We were so excited for Coop to open this present.  Coop has always loved helmets and company logos.  It sure is a heavy helmet, though.
The birthday loot.
Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

In preparation for Cooper getting baptized we invited the sister missionaries over to talk about the covenants he will make when he is baptized.  He was very attentive.

Super excited!
Lucky Daddy to get to baptize Coop!

After Cooper's baptism we had the Ultimate Ice Cream Bar.  Grannie was in charge of toppings and boy did she provide so much yummiess!!!  The kids were in heaven!
I'm a lucky mom!
Grannie is always so awesome and coming to cheer on our kiddos for their wonderful accomplishments!
What a treat to have Mountain Man Poppi (he was growing out his beard for the Pioneer Trek) and Ami here for our Double Dose Of Awesomeness Weekend.  We're so lucky to have grandparents that make our kids feel like a million buck and cheer on their awesomeness!
Cooper signing the "Ditto Family Proclamation."

Grannie started this tradition with Alex, the first grandchild.

So proud of you Coopy!!!  It sure is GREAT to be Eight!!!

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