Saturday, June 21, 2014

Kanarraville Falls Adventure and the Sad Goodbye

The next morning the kids had a blast riding four wheelers around the cabin in Cedar City.
Life doesn't get much better for Cooper.
Chloe and Brooke went out for a spin.
Colin, Birch and Abbey went for a crazy ride.
Coop practicing his archery skills.
Then it was off to Kanarraville Falls just south of Cedar City.  This seriously ended up being our favorite hike we did while in Southern Utah.
The beginning section was long and hot...and we may have gripped a bit.

As soon as we hit the water life perked up for us all.  Chloe was such a good little hiker!

Seriously how cool is this!
There were several "challenges" on this hike.  Kaleb was such a good helper to the younger kids.
Isn't this awesome!
Alysee was a GREAT hiker!
Looks at Chloe scamper!
The second waterfall had a fun little waterslide the kids loved!

Such awesome kids!!!  Breaks my heart that they don't get to see each other as often as they used to.

Birch and Alex went on a little farther to check out what was beyond the "waterslide."  It was starting to get late so the rest of us started to head back.

We finished off the night with a Cox Family Photoshoot down at Southern Utah Unversity's campus.
The following morning none of us wanted to leave each others sides.  We had the perfect time together!!!

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