Thursday, June 19, 2014

The BIG Reunion

This next part of the trip is what Birch and I had been dreaming about for months.  The Cox family moved to Utah last August 2013.  The kids had not seen them since they moved and have asked us probably two hundred times when we could go visit the Coxes.  Secretly Birch, Brooke, and I had been planning this reunion.  Brooke had told her kids that they were going to head to Cedar City to visit their Grandparents.  By this point in the trip our kids knew they were going to see the Coxes but they assumed it would be once we got to Cedar City.

This is the part of parenting that is so fun!!

So we told that kids that we wanted to stop at the Payson Temple that is currently being built.  The kids were all a little whiny as they just wanted to get to Southern Utah to see their best friends.  Brooke was running a little behind so when we got to the temple we were trying to think of reasons we needed to hang out longer.  Finally as the kids were about to boycott our trip...look who pulled up!

I just wish I had been video taping the initial reactions of all the kids.  Colin was trying to climb out the window when he saw our kids. 
Nate has desperately needed some Chase time!!!

Eli was a little unsure of what all the action was about.  I've talked to him on the phone several times but it has still been ten months since we had seen each other.
The gang together again!!!!

We mixed the kids all up in each others cars and started our travels to Southern Utah.

We made a lunch stop at Cove Fort.

The fort was built to offer protection and refreshment to the traveler. Beginning in 1847, pioneers began settling the high mountain valleys stretching from Idaho to California. They came here to worship in peace and to build homes and communities. The fort is made of lava rock, which workers hauled from west of the property. The fort is 100 square feet, 18.5 feet tall, 4 feet thick at the footings and 2.5 feet thick at the top. 

In 1867, the prophet Brigham Young called Ira Hinckley and his family to come and direct the building and operations of the fort.  Cove Fort has been restored to bring the past a little bit more to life. This is the only fort built by the Latter-day Saints in the 1800's that still stands.

Hard to hold Nate back when he is in 'Chase Heaven."

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