Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Eagle Has Landed

Alex's Eagle Project started a long time ago.  It was sure a mix of tears, sweat, and joy!!!  After being put under the chopping block Alex finally had his project approved by the Eagle Board this past August.  In November 2013, Alex along with many other muscles and brains made the project happen.  The project included filling in an existing sandbox, building a new sandbox and two benches, and a cover for the sandbox for LaCasa Hogar (a non-project agency that helps Hispanic women with job skills, empowering them with healthy parenting skills, and providing a preschool for their children). 
 Several nights were spent in our shop putting together the benches.
 Don, our amazing and generous neighbor really was a huge part in making this project successful.
 Then on a cold day after Thanksgiving a group of amazing friends and family went to work.

 The final product!  Alex received a letter from La Casa Hogar thanking him for all his hard work.
Then on a warm day in June we celebrated!!!

Matt Thornton did the charge of the Eagle.
It was so wonderful to have so much family and friends join us for this awesome celebration!
The special knife presentation.
Ed Falter came from the Marines and presented Alex with the Good Citizen Award.
Then it started getting a little emotional as Alex reflected back to all the people that helped make this moment possible.  He surprised our neighbor Don with presenting him the "mentor" award.

Check out that Eagles Nest!
Proud Grannie!
The popcorn bar was a huge yummy hit!  I was so grateful to several of my friends that made the popcorn for us.
Grannie showing off all her Mother's Eagle Pins.
Family Eagle's Nest
Birch was sure proud of Alex!

Now that is a lot of scouting us Momma's are apart of!
Way to go Alex!!!

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MaryJane said...

This was such an awesome day for us. I went right home and called the girls and told them they had to get the boys involved in scouting.