Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mom and Kids Hit The Road!

I was extra brave and drove all the kids to Spokane for a week of cousin fun.  Alex and Tyler were headed to Nauvoo with Grannie so it was just the younger four for the week.
We spent just about every day in the water!
These girls are inseparable!

One afternoon I took the kids to see Grandpa Ken's gravestone. 

I know Grandma Ken would sure have loved all his grandkids!
Chloe was in baby heaven meeting our newest cousin, Lincoln.

Everything seemsed so easy with just a few kids tagging along.  We spoiled ourselves with going out to eat a few times.  The Noodle House was delicious!
We even splurged and went to see the movie, "How To Train A Dragon 2."
One evening I took the kids to Cabelas to do the free shooting game.  Aren't I a fun mom?!
Five Guys Burgers -- a first for the kids!
Chloe is such a picky eater.  She enjoyed all the peanuts she could eat.
One day the kids had a blast at Logan and Julia's house.  They caught an injured bird and were sure they were going to prolong his life.
Sadly, he died the next day.
Sunday we finished off our trip with a family photoshoot of Brent and Deena's beautiful family.  I was a little nervous being the camera guy as that is always Birch's job but I gotta say they turned out great!
Alysee has sure learned some amazing hair skills!  Her cousin, Malia is a great teacher and motivator.

I enjoyed a quiet morning at the Spokane Temple.
With all the hustle and bustle this summer I have to say that this felt like a true vacation.  We stayed at Grannie's empty house and so we had a nice quiet and clean place to come home to each night.  We ate out several times which was a real treat for me to not be cooking and cleaning up all the time.  It was a much needed and loved vacation!

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