Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Alysee, a Young Woman

The looooong awaited birthday finally arrived for Alysee!  She has been so ready to turn twelve year's old and be a young woman. 
Yep, she's a purty one!

Alysee chose lasagna, homemade french bread, and mandarin oranges for dinner.
Alysee and I share our favorite dessert -- angel food cake topped with fresh fruit.
Our gift to Alysee was a true gift of love (money and time).  Uncle Ryan came over and helped Birch paint the walls.  Then we put together new beds for Alysee and Chloe (check out the cool under-the-bed storage boxes as well).  The night stand, bedding, new pictures, curtains, and chandelier were a new addition as well.
Not for a picture overload but I must point out the cute rug too.

 Then my dad came for a visit and re-did the closet for his gift to Alysee.  It previously had had those cheap wire shelves and rods.  Because the two beds were so much larger than Chloe's toddler bed and one twin we needed to figure out how to get rid of the two dressers that were in the room.  It's amazing how much stuff in now in their closet but how organized it is as well.
Cute vinyl on wall edge.

Alysee has grown into such a beautiful young woman -- inside and out!  She is a sought out babysitter and I tell you she works hard for her money!!!  Alysee is a gifted teacher (Chloe has benefited so much from this talent).  She is full of energy, music, and a love of life!


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MaryJane said...

Alysee is indeed a beautiful young woman. And I love the new bedroom. Isn't it amazing what a little shelving in the closet can do! The room looks so big!