Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Wettest 50 Miler

Alex and his fellow Troop 141 headed to Stevens Pass on a warm sunny day.  Stevens Pass had been battling fires so there was a fire ban which no one thought would be a big deal.

The theme for the high adventure trip was "Be"...who you can BECOME.  We made these fun water bottles for each of the campers.
All smiles on the first day.
And then the second night...RAIN, RAIN, RAIN.

Everyone was SO wet that several reported the bottoms of their tent were like waterbeds.  By morning most everyone was soaked to the bones and GRUMPY.  Several kid's sleeping bags were water logged.  The group decided they were either going to go home or build a fire and try and dry out.  Most people stayed up all night next to the fire trying to dry out their stuff and warm themselves.  This is about the time that Birch joined the sad group. 
The next few days were still wet but the group enjoyed some sunshine as well.

Alex and Coby cookin' up dinner.

Birch and Alex enjoyed their time together.  I was so impressed with the time that Birch put into designing these neat little books that were filled with talks about BECOMING and also each family was invited to write a letter to their son with their hopes and dreams of what they wanted their son to BECOME.  I enjoyed the opportunity to write Alex a letter and also surprised Birch with one from me and his mom and my parents.  I love that these trips can build not only friendships but also spirituality.

Alex put together a little video of their trip.  Due to the rain most of the days are undocumented so the camera wouldn't get wet.  So here is the sunny part of their trip:

Click here to view:  http://youtu.be/78RWixKoMiY

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