Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Raft Trip

All Labor Day morning the kids were bugging us about what fun thing we were going to do to fill our day.  Since we had not previously planned anything I started calling around to see if some of my various ideas were open on Labor Day.  All of a sudden I remembered that it might be fun to go rafting.  After calling a few places I found a shop that still had a raft available for that day so we reserved it on the spot and packed our cooler with a tasty lunch.
So...the river was quite calm and I may have heard a few kids complain that this was boring.  In the end we found a few baby rapids and had a GREAT time!

I love being warm and next to the water but not being in the water -- such a great combo!

Thank goodness for Daddy's muscles as we needed them to guide our raft.

Packman Rock
I hate this stuff...but Birch and the kids LOVE it!!!  I'm so worried about them breaking their necks or backs.

Even Chloe was way more brave than her momma!
The kids all wish we owned a GoPro so they could make killer movies.  We do own a fun little waterproof camera and Alex put together this fun little video of our rafting adventures.
Click here to watch the video:

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