Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving Ditto Style


 Well written argument from Cooper to have pizza for Thanksgiving NOT turkey.  Didn't work!
 Uncle Logan and Juje deep frying one of the turkeys.
 Go-proing it all

 Sweet Eliza Kimball
 Little Ditto love...Julia on the final countdown to deliver day!
 So many many many Dittos

We had an awesome photoshoot.  It was a blustery day but we were all so pleased with how well the photoshoot turned out (especially with such a large group).  I did swap a few heads but in general we all just look naturally magnificent.
 Check out all of Grannie's posterity!! 

Look at all those little Dittos.
 Before we all parted ways -- the Ditto boys shaved off their Mowember beards in memory of their Daddy.

Handsome Ken Ditto
 They look a lot like their Daddy!!!

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