Saturday, December 20, 2014

18 Years...but who's counting

Since our official anniversary was smack on Thanksgiving this year we decided to postpone the celebration a few weeks.  We were so blessed to be able to staying in my sister-in-law's parents beautiful home near Seattle.
 First stop was to do sealings at the Seattle Temple to remind ourselves of the covenants we made eighteen years ago.  This has been a wonderful tradition for our anniversary!  
I hadn't been to the Seattle Temple since I was in Young Women's so it was extra special!
Saturday morning we enjoyed a matinee movie called "The Theory of Everything."  It was a great movie but also full of emotion.
 Several years ago we took our pictures in a photobooth while in St. Louis.  The photobooth at the movie theater was calling my name.

We had a great get-a-way and enjoyed lots of tasty food and no schedule.  We caught the beginning of the Snowland parade in Portland which helped get me in the Christmas spirit.  

Sure do love this man!!!

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