Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Eve and Day

This year's Christmas Eve smorgasbord did not let down!  We dined on shrimp, homemade pizza, hummus and veggies, pickled asparagus wrapped ham, cheese and dips, bbq little smokies, orange chicken, boneless bbq wings, cookies, chips and mango salsa, Italian Sodas, and more.
 We were blessed with having the Finch family and missionaries join us for our evening fun.
 Chloe read us all a book for her talent.  She really is a great reader and I thought it was so creative that she chose that for her talent.
 Alysee MC the night and sang a few songs.
 Alex treated us all to a ukulele number.
 Cooper was really creative in his talent -- he drew us a picture on demand.
 Nate and Tyler did one of their awesome "pretzel" numbers.
 Chloe and Dad sang 
 Next up was reenacting the Nativity.  Chloe was the lucky winner of getting the part of Mary.

 Matthew Finch (Joseph), Chloe (Mary), Alysee (Shepard), Nate, Coop, Alex (Wise men), and Tyler (Angel)
 Decorating our gingerbread house

Tyler made a super thoughtful gift for Alysee - boot socks.  He made them out of a sweater arm and then sewed lace to the top. 
 Coop saved up his money and bought Coop some sweet headphones.
 This Christmas was a little different.  Birch and I decided years ago that we would love to share what we love with our kids.  We were able to make it possible through purchasing a vacation package through the Hilton to share our love for the tropics with the kids.  So for Christmas each of the kids had a large wrapped box that had a new duffle bag, a lei, swimsuit, and a few different things (shorts, sunglasses, snorkel gear, etc...).  We then had all the kids come in the office to watch a little video unveiling where we would be going as a family.
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 HAWAII Baby!!!!
 We always have a yummy breakfast for lunch on Christmas Day.  This year I did it all in a Hawaiian theme.

 We enjoyed dinner with the Andersen family. 
 Italian Sodas, Homemade Rolls, marinated pork tenderloin, delicious mashed potatoes, corn casserole -- it was all delicious and so nice because most of the preparation was done earlier in the week.
Garlic Parmesan Christmas tree rolls
 Going to bed with their new Christmas curlers
Chloe with her new doll (Anya) from Santa

It was a really memorable Christmas!  Birch and I are so excited for March to come and experience the Big Island with our kiddos.  

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