Monday, December 29, 2014

Post-Christmas Trip To Corvallis

The day after Christmas we loaded up the car and made our way to Corvallis.  We had a wonderful few days hanging out with Ami and Poppi and Seth and Caroline's family.
One of the first stops was rock climbing at the indoor OSU rock wall.  Chloe was wearing her new Hawaii sundress!
Poppi belaying Chloe
Afternoons were spent playing outside.

Cali and her horse Cooper
Love this lady!
Who would have thought that Seth would grow up to be such a wonderful human?!  Seriously, though he is one of my favoritest!
And now he is just making fun of me wanting pictures of everyone.

We had some really special game time around the dining room table that turned into great conversations learning about how Ami and Poppi met, Ami's decision to go to BYU, etc...  I think we sat around the table until 11 pm just visiting one night with all the kids.
Chloe was inseparable with this dolly that we all grew up with.
On the way home we stopped in Portland at the new Visitor's Center.  
Portland Temple
We took the scenic waterfall side trip home -- it was beautiful and cold!

Wish you were there?

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