Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day to Me!!!

I think the best part about Mother's Day is Birch getting to spend it with the family!  Any Sunday that starts and ends with my Lover is a GREAT day!
 The Hen and her Chicks
Our dinner was super tasty but our dessert was even more memorable.  Birch had been told about these apple apricot roses.  Not only are these remarkable in their looks but they were super tasty!  Let me just remind you that Birch cooks grilled cheese sandwiches a few times a year and occasionally pancakes from a box.  I'm thinking the man might have a talent he is hiding under a bushel. 
Sure do love my kiddos!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015's what it is about

Uncle Lyle and my dad decided it was time for some brother bonding time.  We were the lucky ones to get to spend a little time together while they were on their way to Diamond Lake for a few days of fishing and staying at a cabin from their childhood.
 Uncle Lyle has always been a favorite of mine!  He always makes you feel like a million bucks.

My dad may be older but Uncle Lyle beats him in height!  Perhaps this is where Alex gets his height from?  We're looking forward to future visits!

Pictures from their cabin fishing trip taken by Lyle:

Monday, April 27, 2015

Puget Sound Kayaking - Father/Son Scout Trip

Tyler and Birch had such an awesome experience kayaking the Puget Sound with the other boys in Tyler's quorum.  Tyler's amazing leader, Marc Murdock has some great connections to beautiful handmade wooden kayaks that the boys were able to use.


Along with the sea otters the boys harvested clams to cook up for lunch.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Masonic Award

Alex was recently honored to receive the Masonic Award.  It was a lovely ceremony and you could tell that each nominee was of the highest caliber.  It made me smile to see that maybe of the nominees are Alex's good friends.  So nice to know your kids are hangin' out with the best!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Do Girls Play Soccer?

Last year when Chloe was cheering on her brothers at soccer she saw some little girls playing soccer.  "Girl's can play soccer?" was her response.  I knew right then that it was time for me to encourage her to join a soccer team even if I was not excited about adding another child to that season of sports.  During the summer we found a cute pair of black and pink soccer shoes and she fell in love.
So when spring came around we decided to sign up Chloe and cousin Sage to be on the same team with the Upward Soccer Program.  I have been really impressed with Upward over the years!  The program is all about sportsmanship, memorizing scriptures, and having fun.

Chloe enjoyed the first couple of weeks.  THEN...I started hearing things like "What could I hurt just a little bit so that I wouldn't have to play soccer?" or "The only thing I like about soccer is the treats at the end." or "Soccer is so dumb.  Who do you think is bring the snack after the game?" or "Is the game almost over so I can have my treat?"  You get the idea.  Soon it was all about doing handstands on the field and waiting for the game to finish so she could eat something delicious.
The next best part about soccer (other than the food) was being with cousin Sage every week and figuring out ways to make her outfit cute.

So I'm thinking we can cross SOCCER off Chloe's list of to-do's next year!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Grandpa Ditto's Funeral...a family man

On March 30th Grandpa Ditto passed away.  Grandma and Grandpa Ditto are both such stalwart people.  Years ago Birch and I were able to visit them on their mission in Pennsylvania.  I've watched them serve their family ever since I became a Ditto.
I love this sweet picture of Grandma and Grandpa - it was taken about a year ago.

The funeral service was lovely.  Birch and I drove up with Blayre and Ryan for the weekend to Helena.  It was wonderful to be together with so much family that we have not seen for years.

The military honors are some of my favorite!

The lovely Ditto Clan
Aunt Sherri, Uncle Dave, Aunt Laurie, Uncle Dan, Grandma Ditto, Aunt Lasca

Tavia and Blayre
Beautiful inside and out
On the way home, Birch and I were able to stop in Missoula and see baby Sara Elizabeth's gravestone.  

Funeral talk given by Birch:

Families Can Be Together Forever!!!!