Friday, January 30, 2015

Getting Down and Derby

The boys have been SO excited for the Pinewood Derby.  Cooper and Nate brought their cars to Oregon and together with Poppi they cut them all out.
 Cooper is pretty easy to "read."  Excited!!!!!


Nate - anticipating greatness

 My handsome scouts
 Cooper has some excellent cub scout leaders - Mary Johnson and Tausha Stapleton
Nate is just about finished with his year in Webelos.  His leader Shane Anderson has been really attentive!
 All the cubs earning their participation in the pinewood derby award.
Proud Daddy

Fun little video of the night -

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Family of 8 Hits the Slopes

Now I know for some families it is no big deal to go skiing on a regular basis.  But for our family it has been something that we have done the past few years --  like ONCE a year.  It is so dang expensive and we own very little equipment.  Well, this year much of that stuff didn't change but we did have the opportunity to buy discounted tickets through the boy scouts and to top it off my parents offered to come with us.  This was a HUGE help!!!
 Honestly, Ami was an angel with this girl!  We weren't sure with all of Chloe's quirks with clothing if she was even going to be able to handle wearing the ski outfit and boots all day.  The night before we left skiing Chloe put on footed tights and went to sleep in them so she could get used to the feel.  Birch and I almost went wacko when we were putting on her ski boots the next morning to go skiing.  She was freaking out and we both looked at each other with the "why did we ever bring her look?"  
 This is where Ami came in.  She calmly wooed Chloe and patiently taught her how to ski on the magic carpet.
 It had been eighteen years since my little legs had hit the slopes.  I wasn't ready to hit the black diamond runs but skiing along side Coop, Nate, and Alysee was a lot of fun.

 Birch showed moments of patience with Chloe as well.  Even trying to catch her going full-speed down the hill was a work out.  
 Ami teaching Chloe how to use the "crotch rocket" as Alex refers to it.

 Birch and I went off for a little romantic run which turned into us not talking to each other.  I have to say I was not impressed with White Passes trail labeling system.  We ended up having to "hike" and blaze our own trail with our skis on for what felt like FOREVER do to a wrong turn.  My body was EXHAUSTED and I was ready to sit down and just cry.  In the end we had to go down a black diamond area to join up with where we should have been in the first place.  Let's just saw from then on I skied with the younger generation.
 These two were like little bear cubs going over little jumps and going up and down the mountain.

 The last run of the day Ami took Chloe up a chair lift to go down a regular run.  She loved every minute!
 The Ditto Clan minus Alex who was off on his own.
 It's a long way down a mountain when your skiing for two!
Alysee really enjoyed herself!  I was impressed with her skills. 

Wish you could have come?
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Monday, January 12, 2015

Cousin Carter Get's Blessed

We had the treat of going to Spokane for our new cousin's baby blessing!  Carter was born early January and joined Blayre and Ryan's family.  Julia and Logan had their sweet little boy, Hyrum.
Check out all that Ditto love!
Proud parents
Grannie has her hands full with all the Ken and Debbie Ditto posterity!
Those that participated in the baby blessing.
 Logan and Julia's beautiful family!  We were lucky to be invited to invade their house and stay with them.  Such a treat to get some baby time and interact with this amazing family!
 Sweet little Hyrum
I have always really admired Julia!  She is a wonderful mom and wife and has such a charming personality.  It's hard to want to leave her as she makes you feel like a million bucks!

Love our Ditto Clan!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Safety First

Coop's helmet gets me every time.
These boys are constant playmates!

Friday, January 2, 2015

In my own backyard

We were so lucky to get a quick visit from the Watts family right when we got come from Corvallis.

They live in Timbucktu -- okay, Elko, NV but it feels SO far away!  I so appreciate that they made the visit to see us and the Andersen family.  They are such a fun family!  Birch and I got to enjoy some late night talks with Laura and Jared.  Always love getting to know my adult siblings better!

Three Sissies