Thursday, February 12, 2015

17th Time Is The Charm?

 We've been taking a pre-op picture together for years!!

Surgery update...all is well. Surgery lasted about 1.5 hours and it took Alex another hour until he was ready to come home. Waking up is always the worst (next to the IV). Dr. Black feels the surgery was successful and less invasive then last year's. He was able to drill our much of the granulated, bleeding, and irritated tissue. He said his ear drum looks good. After drilling the anterior and interior portion of Alex's ear canal Dr. Black placed a mini-sinus stint (called a Propel) and feels like the fit is great. Last year we used a normal Propel stint so we're hoping the mini last longer.Alex was relieved to wake up and find out that he did not need another skin graft this year. I chuckled as all the nurses knew that he was dying to have his traditional Arby's chicken sandwich, chocolate shake, and curly fries on the way home from surgery. Unfortunately, Alex was feeling really nauseous and had to wait a bit before he could stomach his long awaited meal (he had been fasting since the previous day). So now to rest up and let it all heal!! Thanks for all the love!!!

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