Saturday, February 21, 2015

Basement Face Lift

In preparation for Blayre, Ryan, Owen, and baby Carter moving into our house for eleven weeks we decided our basement could use a little face lift.  
 It was all kind of a snowball effect with Birch wanting to add recessed lighting and me wanting to paint the guest room and redecorate.  After we both worked ourselves to the bones and realized that there was no way we were going to have time or the energy to finish the basement ourselves we hired some help.
 We hired a terrific and really reasonably priced guy, Robert Gonzolo, to do our dry wall repair on the ceiling, re-texturing the ceiling, and painting both the walls and the ceiling.  We thought we got a killer deal with hiring him for $400 to do all that work.  
 I spent HOURS stressing over the paint color for the walls and ceiling.  I ended up going with  painting the walls (70% strength) and ceiling at (40% strength) and Birch added the recessed lighting   I made new curtains; the cute little bed is for our house guest.
 BIG project -- adding recessed lighting (previously was three shop lights)

 Guest Room make-over -- painted walls, new pillows, lamp, curtains, small dresser
 Thanks Kimberly Greenfield for the awesome picture what I used to make this beautiful HUGE print.

Kitchen:  BEFORE
The kitchen is really the last thing that we had not updated in our house.  It was hard to justify redoing it because we do not use the kitchen at all.  It holds legos, games, movies, and crafts. 

 Birch re-did the plumbing.  Seems like it never goes quiet like it should.
 I Painted the cabinets, took out the oven, new countertop, sink, faucet, tile flooring, and cabinet pulls/knobs, and I made some new artwork.
 Birch tiled the backsplash
 Barney Zauss did the beautiful tile floor work and the wood trimmed laminate counter-top. So impressed!!!

I'm pretty good at copying ideas...saw this somewhere online and redesigned it. It is framed and hung int he basement kitchen

We are pretty darn pleased with the way the whole basement turned out.  We had already updated the boy's room and the bathroom so this was the final touch.

I think we are now ready for our house guests!!!

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