Monday, February 9, 2015

Daddy/Daughter Date With Cousins

One of Chloe's favorite events of the year is the annual Daddy/Daughter dance at the high school.  Since we decided last minute to go to Spokane for the baby blessing we made a bargain with Chloe -- Daddy would throw an amazing Daddy/Daughter Date for Chloe AND ALL HER GIRL COUSINS!  Talk about a fun daddy!
 All the daddy's loaded up the girls (which had put on make-up, fancy dresses, and corsages made by ME) and went to Ihop for dinner.
 After dinner they all went to a nearby church and did games, dancing, and Just Dance for HOURS!

Glow Stick Dancing
 Must be tough being an awesome Daddy!
 All the lovely ladies and their Daddies (note:  Chloe is pouting because at the end of the night (it was like 10:30 pm) she decided that this date was not equal to the ball in Yakima.  Basically she was pulling an "I'm a brat." card.  She really did have a fabulous time!!)

Two lucky girls and their lucky Daddy

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