Saturday, April 18, 2015

Do Girls Play Soccer?

Last year when Chloe was cheering on her brothers at soccer she saw some little girls playing soccer.  "Girl's can play soccer?" was her response.  I knew right then that it was time for me to encourage her to join a soccer team even if I was not excited about adding another child to that season of sports.  During the summer we found a cute pair of black and pink soccer shoes and she fell in love.
So when spring came around we decided to sign up Chloe and cousin Sage to be on the same team with the Upward Soccer Program.  I have been really impressed with Upward over the years!  The program is all about sportsmanship, memorizing scriptures, and having fun.

Chloe enjoyed the first couple of weeks.  THEN...I started hearing things like "What could I hurt just a little bit so that I wouldn't have to play soccer?" or "The only thing I like about soccer is the treats at the end." or "Soccer is so dumb.  Who do you think is bring the snack after the game?" or "Is the game almost over so I can have my treat?"  You get the idea.  Soon it was all about doing handstands on the field and waiting for the game to finish so she could eat something delicious.
The next best part about soccer (other than the food) was being with cousin Sage every week and figuring out ways to make her outfit cute.

So I'm thinking we can cross SOCCER off Chloe's list of to-do's next year!

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