Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Week 2015

Our Christ-Centered Easter Week was extra fun this year having Owen in the house.  The kid loves candy and got so excited about each of our activities.  I didn't feel as prepared this year since we had just gotten home from Hawaii the day before Easter Week started.  We still were able to squeeze in some spiritual activities.
 One fun thing we did was our annual family Easter Egg hunt.  Do you think Cooper was excited?
 It didn't take Owen long to figure out what this egg stuff was all about.

 Never too old for candy.  Actually Alex did all the hiding this year and the kids helped me fill all the eggs.
 We were able to share our Easter Passover meal with the Sister Missionaries, the Hanchett family, and of course our family and the Maynes.
 Always gotta dress up
 This meal just keeps getting better -- this year we dined on grapes, garlic pistachios, homemade naan, grilled tilapia, jerky, dried apricots-figs-dates, mediteranian couscous, humus and veggies, marinated roasted lamb leg, chocolate covered pomegranates, pineapple, and Blayre made some deviled eggs.
 I was the naan Queen!

 My friend was able to share a beehive tray with us so we could see what real honeycomb looks like.
 Our L.O.A. (Love One Another) wall was even better this year having Blayre and Ryan here to help fill it up.

What a memorable week!!!
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