Wednesday, November 30, 2016


This past weekend I had the honor of attending my besties' wedding. Brooke and I met about sixteen years ago through her parents who attended church in the same ward as my family. We became fast friends and our kids instantly became BFF's. Fast forward a few years, Brooke and Mark were building a house and needed a place to live while their new home was being built. Our families were lucky housemates for about five months. As couples we loved being with each other and even took a trip together to Hawaii in 2009. When Mark passed away in 2011 our world's came crashing down. Documenting Mark's funeral through picture and video was both a privilege and tested both Birch and I to the core. Over the past sixteen years we have taken the Cox family pictures each year and we never imagined we would again take family pictures without our favorite Mark! The past five years we have seen Brooke and her kids rise in the midst of their darkest hours. They have strengthened my faith in eternal families and the importance of putting God and my marriage as my number one priorities.

Saturday, November 26th (just one day before my own 20th anniversary) Birch and I were able to again photograph the Cox family pictures. This time our love has doubled as we welcome Corey, Carlie, and Berkeley to the family. Though I do not know Corey very well yet, I know he is a man of God and one that knows how to love! Corey and his late wife Gina had a beautiful that did not last as long on this earth as they ever imagined. They created a beautiful family and now Corey and Brooke get the honor of carrying on their late spouses love for each of their kids. I know the road ahead is not an easy one but both of these families emulate RESILIENCE and together they will make the transition full of love.

Missoula is lucky to have the Cox-Aldridge family!!! In a crazy turn of events - Birch and I lived in Missoula just prior to meeting the Cox family for our graduate studies. Our little girl Sara Elizabeth is buried in Missioula. So open your arms Missoula -- you are just about to be hit with the biggest love story ever!!!

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