Monday, November 7, 2016

Run Boy Run

Tyler had an exceptional season of Cross Country this year.  He shaved off seconds and even minutes in all races from his previous year.
This is the Apple Ridge race which has always been a favorite of mine to watch as it is in a really beautiful apple orchard.  Tyler had drawn the short straw last year and had to do the course that was full of hills.  This year he had the medium level course.  He did awesome!

Ever since West Valley High School switched to be a 4A it has been really tough for the boys to make it to State.  You can imagine how excited the boys were when they heard they got second at Districts therefore giving them a spot at State.

State was at Sun Willows Golf Course in the Tri-cities

Tyler had the best cheerleaders on the team!!!

The boys may have gotten last place in state but heck -- they made it to state!!

This is Tyler's season times.
Tyler lettered in in XC this year!!!  Way to go!

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