Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thanksgiving with the Ditto Bunch

Thanksgiving this year was hard and wonderful!  It was our first year not being altogether as a family.  I am so grateful to know that Elder Alex Ditto was celebrating with Elder and Sister Day and several other missionaries in Arad, Romania.

We were treated to a luxurious stay at Logan and Julia's newly built home!
Isn't it charming!

All set up for Thanksgiving dinner

Cute little turkeys for all the Ditto turkeys

All Because Two People Fell In Love...
This bunch was created!!!

Maren and Savannah

The most glorious picture of Grannie

Blayre and Owen chowing down!

Carter loving his pie

Sweet Maren
Jane and Chloe

Ryan and Blayre

THREE turkeys!!! and one HUGE hams!!!

Hungry munckins

Eating is a serious thing at the Dittos

The beautiful Hostess

Deep conversations

Grannie and Savannah

Dallin is lickin' his lips over all those pies

Diggin' in

Malia - the queen of braids fixing Chloe's hair

Blayre and Tavia enjoying a special sister moment

Ryan giving airplane rides to Owen

Lincoln and his pie

Eliza enjoying her pie choice

Check out all these grandkids -- just missing Alex

Wish you could have been there to enjoy the fabulous Ditto Talent Show - no fear...  Click on this link to watch

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