Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve 2016

We LOVE Christmas Eve at our house!!  This year was the best because it was on a Saturday and so Birch was home all day long...and even better we had Uncle Luke with us!!

We started the morning out with getting together with the Andersens (and Luke, of course) to do a picture and video scavenger hunt.  We were divided up into five teams (each with 2-3 people on a team) and then after we got our list we jumped into our cars and started checking off our list.  We all had a blast!!!!  When we got back we all watched the videos and pictures and laughed at each other's creativity.  I think all of our favorites to watch was "ordering the french fries with an accent."  Birch ordered using the Sid from "Ice Age."  So much fun!  We all had chicken tacos for lunch and then headed home to finish preparing for the Christmas Eve festivities.

Nate and Hazel building a Christmas Tree with canned food.

Here I am ordering french fries at Burger King with an English accent.

Sage being sized for a ring.

Nate and Hazel finding an animal paw
Christmas Eve!!!!!  
Our famous Christmas Eve night did not disappoint this year.  We teamed up parties with the Andersens and each invited a few families over to share the night with us all.  We started with our HUGE smorgasboard.  This year Birch picked mango salsa and chips, Sara (homemade pizza), Tyler (homemade jojos), Alysee (), Nate (sweet and sour meatballs), Coop (pistachios and hot boneless chicken wings), and Chloe (cheese and crackers).  Since we had about twenty people over we had twenty different choices.  It was a true feast.
Chloe and Sage working away on the gingerbread house.

Chloe caught red-handed eating candy meant for the gingerbread house.

Good company makes it such a memorable night!

Hazel, Emily, and Uncle Luke snuggling.
The talent show!!!!
Coop on the trumpet

Chloe singing "Oh Holy Night"

So fun having the Murdock family here with us to celebrate!
 The Nativity... all the participants draw a part and then have five minutes to find a costume.  There are no tradesies for parts.
Mila was the best Joseph we have ever had!!  Her natural beard totally topped off the character.

The whole cast

The Holy Couple and the donkey (please note that Nate is wearing a bear costume that my mom made for Alex when he was two years old -- his wedgie was totally worth it!)

And there he goes....

Mila snuggling with Uncle Birchy

Wish you were here??  Here is just a clip of the night.  Most all of our guests shared something but to cut down on the time here is just a memory from our families.  Click here to watch the video:

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