Sunday, December 25, 2016

Mele Kalikimaka!!

Christmas Morning!!!!
Poor Uncle Lukey wasn't showing Santa he BELIEVES anymore...I think after a year of getting coal he might have learned his lesson.

Nate was thrilled with Santa's delivery of two portable soccer goalies.

Coop putting together his lego kit that was in his stocking.  Santa brought him a Circuit Set.

Chloe was thrilled with her science lab set for making lotion, chapsticks, and soaps from Santa.

Alysee's dream of a khaki green coat and black converse high tops was made true by Santa. (Not pictured was Tyler's ski lift gift certificate for "one day of skiing" and new gloves)

Uncle Lukey was pretty stoked with his flying helicopter until we found that it wouldn't actually charge.  Sorry...lame present.

The kids made some SUPER thoughtful gifts this year.  Chloe was especially creative.  She carved a basketball and Birch's initials on his favorite bar of soap.  She made me a homemade candle in a small jam jar.  This girl actually put to use her hours of YouTube DIY video watching.

a close up of the soap
DRUM ROLL...favorite part of Christmas day!!!!!
our video chat call with Elder Ditto!!!!  It was so wonderful to see his face and hear his voice.  He bore his testimony in Romania and sang two carols to us as well.  Alex had sent us a package from Romania that we had saved until our phone call to open.  It was so fun for all of us to receive such thoughtful gifts!  Alex sent Birch a cool patch to sew on his backpack (matching with Alex), he sent the boys Romanian kendamas!!!, the girls received these cute wooden flower necklaces, and I got a beautiful scarf!

The 60 minutes just flew by!!!  I think one of the main things that stood out to me was him saying that a mission is SO hard but he has been blessed with the gift of enthusiasm and this keeps him going.  He said tearfully that there are days that no one talks to them and it is hard to be away from family in the cold...but final take -- he LOVES Romania and the people!!!  We sure love his guts!!!
 Off to church!!!  Christmas' on Sunday are pretty special.  We enjoyed a one-hour musical sacrament meeting.
Family pictures!!!  Oh wait...where is Birch and Alex?  I don't know why my kids think I am embarrassing.

Luke will be our Elder Ditto duplicate for us this year.  Sure do love this bunch!

I can't remember the last time I shared Christmas with my baby brother Lugey.  I used to wipe his bum, sing him to sleep, and look after him like a second Momma.  Today I got to snuggle next to him on the church pew and all felt right.  Family is where it is at!

I must show off this beautiful scarf that Alex sent me from Romania.  It is cashmere and so soft!

And my greatest love of Lover!!!!

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