Friday, December 9, 2016

Snow Brothers

The first snow of the year came with so much excitement for all the kids.  Me, on the other hand, was putting my brave face on as I do not enjoy much of what the snow brings...a messy mud room, wet floors, icy roads, and that don't fit this year because feet have grown too much over the past year.

School was delayed by two hours but the boys were all up by 5:40 am ready to go sledding.  Coop and Nate are true snow brothers as they make jumps and dares until it is so dark outside they finally stumble in the house.

Nate mumbled out of his mouth the other day, "You are no fun.  You never come outside in the snow."  I'm pretty good at making a cup of hot cocoa, though.
Coop clearing Nate after a jump!

Coop giving Nate a big thumbs up after a sweet jump!

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MaryJane said...

But you must have gone out to take the pictures! You are definitely MY snow sister!