Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Arrow of Light and Derby Time

January's pack meeting was a pretty special one for Coop.  He was awarded his Arrow of Light which is the highest award you can earn as a cub scout.  Coop is counting down the days until he will be a Boy Scout.

My necklace of cub and boy scout pins is getting quite full and heavy.  I won't lie...kind of counting down the days until we are done with scouting.

Proud parents

Coop also earned his First Responder and Aquanaut pin.

Just gotta earn that Webelos badge and his shirt will be complete!

Our last pinewood derby - that would be twelve cars that have been made by Ditto boys and their dad.
Coop kind of put off finishing his car until the last minute.  He always has such grand ideas in his head and then worries about if his drawings on paper can actually turn into a real racing car.  Here he is getting ready to put his car on the track for the first time.

Coop vs his good buddy, Connor

Coop's car is on the far right

Can you guess the results?...Connor won.  Coop took it like a man but was obviously disappointed.  The boys only got to race their cars twice so Coop was pretty bummed to not see his car's full potential.  

Being a good sport

At least trying to...

That's a wrap...another chapter closing at the Ditto house!

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