Sunday, January 1, 2017

Over the woods to Grandma and Grandpa's house

Our next stop in Oregon was to Corvallis to spend a wonderful one and a half days with my parents.  We were lucky to overlap with Grandma Howe for dinner the first night.  My mom and dad always go out of the way to make us feel welcomed and at home.

We've always loved to bowl as a family as it works so well for so many ages.  This was no exception!
Chloe was super expressive with her emotions!

Poppi has always been the master bowler

We were lucky to spend some time with Uncle Seth, cousin Cali and Tommy.  Sadly, Caroline and Willie were sick so we never got a full round of Sherry Jr. hugs.

Momma bowls


Cali the bubble blower




We also enjoyed several hours at the Oregon State Dixon Rec Center.
Tommy showing his stuff bouldering.

Pickle ball


Nate bouldering


Last stop was the indoor pool.  Coop was loving the diving board.

Chloe has a killer dive - even off of the diving board.

Coop and his famous swan dive. tubbing

We even enjoyed a bit of sunshine!  Coop loves Ami and Poppi's tire swing.

Sure do love my momma and poppi!

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