Friday, February 10, 2017

Closet Pride

I know it is a little lame to share your closet BUT...due to the amazing make-over by All City Closet Co. I really must share. I totally should have taken a before picture but I was too ashamed. Imagine cheap wire shelving and bars with WAY too many clothes, things all over the ground, shoes on the ground on shelves, boots tipping over, etc... You get the idea. We have a tiny closet so it was stuffed to the gills.
So a month ago we heard a loud bang and following investigation found that the top wire shelf had come crashing down. My bead box exploded, dresses everywhere and everything was just one big mess. We looked at several options (Martha Stewart closet system by Home Depot), fixing our current wire shelving, etc... After going to the tour of homes this past year and see my friend, April's amazing closet we decided to get a bid from All City Closet out of the Tri-cities.
Yes, it was expensive and yes, they totally customized EVERYTHING for us, and yes, we are SO happy with it. Basically we wanted to use all space from top-to-bottom and side-to-side. They pre-build most things at their shop in the Tri-cities and then in one day took down our existing system, touched up the walls, and then built our new closet. It took them about five hours. Our favorite touches: shelving made to exactly fit all of our IKEA bins, pull out pant hanger for Birch, two put out tie hangers (hangs 50 ties), my boot clips, and we each get 96" of hanging space (not bad for our tiny closet).
I'm Sara Ditto and I now have closet pride.

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