Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Kisses, Love, and Chocolate

I think we have all been looking forward to our traditional Valentine's Day dinner.  Cooper came home from school and said, "Did you know that some people actually get presents on Valentine's Day??!!!"  I told him that I did and that even growing up I received a small present on Valentine's Day.  He was shocked that we didn't carry on this tradition with our own family.  Years ago (probably after being exhausted by Christmas) Birch and I decided that on Valentine's Day we would focus on our love we have for each other in our family by doing kind things for each other (not including gift giving).

This year we added this cute little mailbox to our Valentine's decorations where anyone was invited to put in some love mail to another family member.  Chloe and Alysee did the best job and filling up the mailbox.

So our Valentine's Day did not include gifts but did start out with cinnamon rolls and our favorite juice EVER -- P.O.G. (passion, orange, guava).  Dinner was our traditional delicious menu - chicken cordon bleu, rice-a-roni, homemade garlic cheese rolls, chocolate dipped strawberries, and corn.  We all had a special fizzy drink to top it off!

A couple of hours before dinner I started thinking about how depressing Valentine's Day would be without anyone to celebrate it with.  I visit teach a woman in our ward that is alone and does not have any family alive.  I texted her and invited her to dinner last minute and she replied back "how did you know I was home alone crying?"  So we enjoyed sharing our meal with Linda and I also took dinner for another family that had a baby seven weeks early.  Spreading the love!

Enjoying our dinner together, well almost - Alex is in Romania and Alysee was at play practice.

Sure do love this bunch!!!

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