Sunday, February 26, 2017

Ski Bunnies

Last year we had the opportunity to ski as a family several times.  This was the first time that I had skied in eighteen years.  And boy could my body feel it!  Despite the expensive nature of the sport of skiing I had several moments of feeling some "mommy pride" as we ALL did an activity together that each person was enjoying.  With lots of kids spread out over ten years it is hard finding things that everyone enjoys doing together.

Fast forward to 2017...skiing wasn't going to be in the cards this year due to some expensive purchases (think new tankless water heater, new water conditioner unit, new car for daddy, and lots of mission stuff).  The kids were all SUPER bummed when we popped the Family Ski Bubble back in November.  So...when we opened up Ami and Poppi's gift to the family of some money to use skiing there was lots of fist pumping and cheering that took place.

Our calendar is always like C.R.A.Z.Y. full so the next challenge became finding a time that everyone could go together.  President's Day was voted in as the best day so everyone suited up (and fought only briefly over a helmet) and hit the slopes this past Monday.

Where am I in the picture?  Well, while I did have a precious "mommy moment" last year when we were all skiing together I decided that I would rather stay home in my nice and warm cozy house and have a hot dinner for everyone to come home to.  I really did enjoy myself - google chatting with Alex (it was a P day), cooking dinners for a few nights that were going to be extra crazy, watching a movie, planning some upcoming family needs, etc...  I was thankful that Birch was willing to be AWESOME solo daddy and take them all himself.

Overall I hear it was a B.L.A.S.T. - the morning started out rough for Chloe but after lunch Tyler was the raddest son/brother ever and took Chloe skiing for two hours on his own.  During that time she got rid of the funk she was in and regained her confidence and joyful attitude. Chloe actually has a free season pass this year as White Pass gave all third graders a free pass.  Unfortunately, she has not been able to go at all until now (and believe me we have heard about it!!!!).

Boys highlight of the day was going on the terrain park!
A family that skis together...stays together (pretty sure I still get to be included as I did all the food packing and prep work into making the day happen).

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