Friday, March 3, 2017

36 hours of Bliss

While the Tween Weekend was going strong in Yakima...Birch and the rest of the kids were in Spokane partying it up.  It was a lightening fast trip!  5 am drive Saturday morning to Mount Spokane where they met up with several cousins and Uncle Logan, Uncle Ryan, and Aunti Blayre.  They skied hard all day!!

Beautiful day!

Meanwhile, Chloe was having like the best weekend EVER with her cousins and Aunti Blayre.  First off, Chloe went to an Activity Days conference with cousins Hailey, Claire, and Jane.  The theme was beach and all the activities were so cute.  Chloe could relay all the stories and examples of giving service that she heard so I think she was really listening.  She had such a great time.

The evening was spent with her pen pals - Aunti Blayre, Owen, and Carter.  Chloe LOVES every minute she gets with this family!!!  She has been writing them letters weekly for a few months now and has no plans of stopping.  Blayre spoils Chloe rotten and the two are peas in a pod.
Cupcake making with Aunti Blayre - doesn't get much better than this!!!
Everyone came home exhausted and ready for bed.  Pretty sure they are wiped out from an overwhelming amount of fun!!

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