Monday, March 13, 2017

Another Teenager!!!!!

It's hard to believe we have another teenager in our house!  Nate decided to delay his birthday celebration a few days due to the stress of his National History Day presentation.  So Monday morning he was excited to wake up early for school to his birthday breakfast of egg muffins.  Birch and I were lucky to keep the celebration going for lunch with picking Nate up from school and taking him to Subway.  It's always a treat to spend some one-on-one time with our kids.

After school Nate went to his first day of Track practice for the Junior High and then we all dined his special birthday dinner -- his request...lasagna, homemade french bread, a green salad, and ice cream for dessert.

Present time!!!!

Lovin' his new Beaver pride from Ami and Poppi

New track shoes

Showin' off his loot -- new sunglasses, hat and money from Grannie, Nike shirt, and new shoes plus wearing his new hydration pack (oh yeah, and a new camping pad)

Coop chugging the birthday drink

Birthday ice cream
Nate is an enthusiastic and intense boy!  He always tries his best no matter what it is he is asked to do (and at whatever cost).  He is a loyal friend and enjoys being outside.  Nathan is a great eater and loves just about any food, except mushrooms.  He is currently serving as the first counselor in the Deacon's quorum.   Love this kid!!!

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